Standard labor rate $85.00
State inspect and emissions
State inspection for cars and light trucks$40.00
State inspection for heavy trucks $55.00
State inspection for heavy trucks with dual rear wheels $65.00
State inspection for motorcycles $40.00
State inspection for trailers with single axle $40.00
State inspection for trailers up to 10,000 lb. dual $50.00
State inspection enhanced $130.00
Oil changes for most vehicles
Standard oil change with synthetic blend $29.95
Full synthetic oil change $59.95
Light truck OLF $39.95
Full synthetic light truck $69.95
STD diesel oil change $35.00 + oil and filter
Tires and alignment
2 wheel alignment $50.00
4 wheel alignment $80.00
Tire rotation for cars $20.00
Tire rotation for trucks $30.00
Tire rotation for trucks with dual wheels $40.00
Tire plug $12.00
Tire plug patch $25.00
Tire mount (up to 17 in.) $12.00
Tire mount (18-20 in.) $20.00
Tire balance (up to 17 in.) $12.00
Tire balance (18-20 in.) $20.00

Prices are subject to change without notice. Please call for further details.